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Welcome to a Christian witness site to the glory of God. This site has training and tools for both soul winners and counsellors . It has phenominally effective followup techniques as well as  multi language (comic or tract) self print tracts for your free use. It is the home of the highly effective gospel  and counsel code . 

This is a unique Evangelism site which combines printed gospel tracts with excellant internet followup options to make it possible for  both street witnessers and preachers to witness or councel  more effectively. Basically you can use this site to easily send someone (you have witnessed or councelled) to a web page specifically catering for his background (eg Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Mormons, Rebels, Traditional Christians, Gays, Seventh Day Sabbath Keepers, Depressed people etc) using the simple U Witness CODE technique . A Soul Winner cannot carry material arround for every type of sinner. The gospel is the need , but differant lies keep differant types of people from understanding the same gospel truth. If people you witness to have a smart phone (on the run)  or internet (at home) you can effectively send them to material specifically for their background using the gospel code method and a u witness card or tract (or just a pen and paper).

The gospel code works as follows. A Soul Winner talks to a few people on the street / at work etc. One of the people he or she speaks to seems  interested and has questions. The soul winner takes out a page of codes and looks up the word Cathloic , Jew or Mormon etc (depending on the background of the person spoken to) and identifies the two letter code ( see letter code icon to left) for that type of person . He adds the two letters to a the url on a tract or paper and the person who was witnessed to has a web adress that is specifically for his/her background. Lets say this person is a Catholic. His two letter code would be ca. So the url you would ask the person to kindly visit would be This page will give the person a choice ofa Testimony in either text, video or audio formats by an ex Catholic Priest (who is now saved). On page two ( which he / she gets to by clicking on a clear "NEXT" sign there will be Bible explanations which counter the teachings from the catholic church.  On page three (all progressively linked) will be a very clear and powerful gospel message.

There is a print out of the code sheet which is avialable. Each main coded witness page has a QR Code on it (Example see bottom of page ) so you can scroll down on your phone and use the QR code to send someone with a cellphone QR Code app to the page they need.  There are also tracts for differant types of sinners that you can print out from this site that have a code box at the bottom (after url) . This site has training on soul winning and links to excellant free Christian Media files on our sister sites and We also encourage people to use this site to contact us concerning any questions they have here !

The Audio Sermon Group of Sites is part of the prayer club group of sites other wise known as ASGOS . These consist of a select few free Christian media sites which endevour by God's grace to provide free Christian Media that is Bible based , non legalistic, non liberal, life changing and interchurch. This is quiet a task which is only possible by God's grace. God alone has allowe the uploading of over 15000 free Christian Media files in various languages. There have been many Testimonies of people whose lives have been radically changed by the messages on these sites. We know that none of the blessing would have been possible without the man behind our message i.e. Jesus Christ who died and rose again for our sins. Our message is not Pharisetical by us looking down at others, but rather from the view point of us being in debt to Christ and others. We know that we don't deserve Christ in our heart and that salvation is on His merit and not ours. We want others to be like we are. This is not because we look down on them, but because we owe them this message. The great gospel message of Jesus Christ is where we tell others of their sin, God's gift in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ and how men everywhere are commanded to repent and believe the good news that Jesus died for their sin and rose again. Because he lives we can live if we accept Him as Savior and King of our lives

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