Counsel Code Page

For How to Use Codes see wording below buttons 



After counselling someone about things such as forgiving others, depression, marriage problems, rebellious children etc you can add one of the codes below to the url displayed above and write it down for them. You can then give this to the person you counselled and ask him/her in love to look it up when home.  If they follow it up it will direct them them to a journey of Testemonies and the bible prepared for people specifically from their background. If you need to find a code from your cellphone to write down this article's code is cco . 


Example :  The followup code for a depressed person would be


This short letter code system is simple ,usable and effective. 


Note : If a counsel journey is available in another language you will know by color code . See :


 English  Afrikaans  Zulu



Note : If you would like to use your cellphone to give someone a QR code for a page from the list above simply use your cellphone to go to the url for the page you want. There you will find a QR code on the page which you can enlarge and show to the person you are counselling.