Contact Us for Counsel

Need Counseling?

If you need counceling in any of the following areas then please email us via the form to left or above  and we will assign a trustworthy counselor to you as soon as one is available.

1) You would like help to know if you are a true Born again Christian.

2)You are struggling with sin, or do not know if what you are doing is sin or not.

3)You feel like you are strangling yourself with rules.

4)You are contemplating suicide

5)You think that you do not have faith because you do not have an amazing feeling.

6)You are struggling in your marriage

7)You are struggling with a rebellious child.

8)You are enslaved in Pornography.

9)You often lose your temper.

10) Anything Els Spiritual or for Prayer Requests. 


Note : If you would like to support this website project or our other projects in any way please contact us via the same method as above and we will correspond with you. 

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